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Minister of Energy declared that saving Oromieyeh Lake takes a long time (10-15 years)

Minister of Energy declared that saving Oromieyeh Lake takes a long time (10-15 years) and giving any political promise is betrayal, he said: I have requested the president to appoint a person for managing the lake's revival.

Visiting the representatives of Eastern Azerbaijan Province, Hamid Chitchyan indicated that we must tell the truths to people and don't make inappropriate expectations. He said: "we need 10-15 years to return the lake to its previous conditions and any untruthful publicity slogan or political promise is betrayal to the lake and people.

The minister of Energy declared: We apply our complete potential to save Oromieyeh Lake and if we can not manage water consumption used in agriculture, Oromieyeh Lake will be never revived. Chitchyan added: The ministry will apply its full ability to save Oromieyeh Lake.

He mentioned that the most important cause of the lake's drying is uncontrolled development of agricultural lands in recent years and there were 1000 hectares of agricultural lands at the first and later they were increased to 480,000 hectares in the vicinity of the lake, it means that there is a growth of 330,000 hectares in agricultural lands.

According to Chitchyan, these lands annually need three billions and 100 millions cubic meters of water and this value can be exactly necessary to revive the lake; in fact, we require three billions and 100 millions cubic meters of water in each year to save the lake.

Minister of Energy continued: another cause of lake's drying is global climate change which has happened in Iran and Oromieyeh town of course, so that by increasing one or two grades in temperature, the level of evaporation has been increased in the lake and on the other hand, the volume of annual precipitation has been decreased and urban and rural consumption of drinking water has been increased.

He emphasized that we do our best to save the lake including provision grounds to transport water some rivers such as Aras and … to Oromieyeh Lake and so we consult with domestic and foreign experts such as French and Chinese experts.

Chitchyan indicated: to transport water to the Lake, environment is very significant and saving the lake should not cause any worse environmental consequences.

He frankly said, if we can not manage water consumption used in agriculture, the lake will be never revived. The minister indicated the role of the Crusade for Agriculture as an effective organization in the mentioned topic and said: the Crusade for Agriculture is charged with farmers training and informing them to change farming pattern in addition to increase agricultural output and decrease of water consumption in order to conduct the surplus water to the lake.

Chitchyan expressed that he has requested the president in their meeting that a person will be appointed to manage of follow-up the lake revival, he said the affairs are rapidly implementing with a coherent organization now.

Minister of Energy noted: Saving Oromieyeh Lake needs national and comprehensive aspiration of people, representatives and government to rescue the lake dangerous crisis.

Before the minister's speech, the representatives of Eastern Azerbaijan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly discussed about problems related to Oromieyeh Lake and its catchment basin such as pressure drop of power in the area and wearing out the power network of the province and he discussed about water transportation issues ( Aras River to the province and the lake).


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