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Welcome to the 32nd National & the 1st International Geosciences Congress 2014

I would like to welcome you in congress in Tehran and other 12 cities, Iran, February 16-19, 2014, for professional enrichment and time to Share your knowledge. The NIGC will offer opportunities for outstanding short courses, sessions, technical field trips and committee meetings.


Manouchehr Ghorashi, PhD

Scientific Secretary





Major congress themes:


Minister of Energy declared that saving Oromieyeh Lake takes a long time (10-15 years)
Visiting the representatives of Eastern Azerbaijan Province, Hamid Chitchyan indicated that we must tell the truths to people and don't make inappropriate expectations. He said: "we need 10-15 years to return the lake to its previous conditions and any untruthful publicity slogan or political promise is betrayal to the lake and people.
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